Family Law, Estates and Trusts


We are a boutique law firm that focuses on resolving Family, Estate, and Trust disputes for our clients.

We are accomplished trial lawyers with significant experience pleading before the Superior Court of Quebec and the Quebec Court of Appeal. The founding partners, Stewart Litvack and Louis Dessureault, have also pleaded and won a landmark decision, central to our 3 practice areas, at the Supreme Court of Canada.

We strive to provide our clients with high-quality, practical and ethical advice to navigate and resolve their disputes and we deliver high-level strategy and preparedness for trial.


While every case is different, our core principles and best practices never change.

First and foremost, we care deeply about our clients and their cases and this is reflected in the work we do for them. We listen to our clients with patience and we communicate clearly. We seek to understand not only the salient facts of each case, but also what our clients are hoping to achieve in seeking legal representation. We are well aware that estate and family law matters can be very stressful for the parties, and emotions and tempers often run high.

We perform the research required with diligence and then impart our findings and their implications to our clients. Once satisfied with our legal analysis of the situation and our clients’ understanding of it, we work with our clients to develop practical and legal strategies that bring net benefit to them. Our goal in representing our clients effectively is to improve their situation, and we take the time to explore multiple avenues, if possible, toward achieving this.

We always aim to foster a spirit of cooperation/collaboration between the parties when it is appropriate. Litigation can be costly and lengthy, and there are sometimes better alternatives that can yield more favorable outcomes. We look at the options and explain them to our clients, taking the time to ensure they understand the potential risks and benefits associated with each proposed approach.

We advocate for our clients before the court with passion. We are methodical in our approach and believe in developing coherent high-level strategy. The partners of Litvack Dessureault have already had a decision rendered in their favor at the Supreme Court of Canada and we strive to bring the same zeal and passion to every case we argue on behalf of our clients. Once we are in trial mode, our clients should be confident that their arguments will be put forth with total coherency and that their interests will be defended to the absolute best of our abilities.

We practice transparency with respect to billing and we try to offer our clients as much foreseeability as possible regarding expected costs, as we understand that nobody likes surprises when it comes to legal fees.  We strive to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect to ensure that our clients always feel that their lawyers are on their team.